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Imagery 1951 Loran (1).heic

Sea Change
New Paintings by Suzie Buchholz
August 18-28
Suzie Buchholz is a Bay Area-based abstract painter with a playful yet rebellious approach to the tradition of Abstract Expressionism. Her process is highly physical, driven by an instinct for harmony of color and form. Inspired by the tangled
and fragile moments of daily life, her work combines a gritty, street-wise sensibility with an uncanny, painterly tenderness.

Bay Area Abstract Expressionism
Featuring artists included in "San Francisco and the Second Wave - The Blair Collection of Bay Area Abstract Expressionism".  Works by John Saccaro, Karl Kasten, Erle Loran, Thomas Akawie, Ralph Johnson, Tom Ide, Peter Shoemaker and Horst Trave.

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